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Could your child benefit from learning new life skills?

  • Are you feeling stuck or frustrated or have run out of ideas to provide a solution for what’s going on for your child?

  • Do you feel your child needs to talk to somebody who’s not related to the issue?

  • Do you want to support and change the behaviour of your child but don’t know what’s going on or where to begin?

  • Does your child seem anxious and stressed and unable to articulate why?

  • Does your child seem unhappy and struggling with navigating through everyday life?

  • Is COVID-19 and the uncertainty of life impacting your child and their mind-set in dealing with this.

  • Is your child struggling with friendships and social skills at school and in general?

  • If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, we can help!

What are the direct benefits of choosing a Learning and Mentoring Programme?

To support your child to understand there are always positive ways to solve a problem.
Children grow and gain confidence, acquire new tools to change old patterns, become happier and relaxed learning how to re-frame situations through practical, innovative and creative solutions.
Children develop and learn essential life skills and strategies with lasting effects.
To empower your child to make new and positive choices knowing they can always ask for help.
To empower your child to develop self-esteem, confidence, resilience, providing a strong foundation for becoming a happy and fulfilled adult.
Obstacles and challenges are faced head on with positive results and resolutions.
Children learn to love and believe in themselves whilst appreciating and celebrating their uniqueness.
Child learn simple and powerful tools and strategies to navigate through everyday life.

How does this work?

Our Learning and Mentoring Programmes for children are very specific where we work with each child individually (this is fun, not boring for the child!) then have a brief synopsis talk with you the parent and child together at the end of the session. We create a programme that is tailored just for your child. One size doesn’t fit all! We are one hundred percent solution focused and meet your child where they’re at then work out a plan, with you the parents. The sessions are empowering and highly motivational because we’ll be paying attention to what’s important for your child. The sessions are one hour in duration and held at the same time on a weekly basis, usually over an 8-10 week period. From experience we find this to be optimal for permanent change moving forwards. This enables positive momentum to be created, from week to week, working together, allowing new habitual ‘default’ ways of thinking, being and interacting with others in your child’s world.

Where to from here?

Imagine your child feeling happy and confident, enjoying all life has to offer. They now have the necessary tools and strategies to create new and positive ways of dealing with day to day situations and any possible challenges. Contact us now to start the ball rolling in supporting your child. Your child will thank you!


"I feel happier already and can now see more pros than cons about me and I also feel more confident in myself."

Emily 11 yrs