Hi! I'm Heather

Founder and Programme Director of Kaleidoscope Solutions.

Empowering children, it’s my passion! Supporting children to create real lasting transformation, overcome obstacles, achieving goals and reaching their highest potential. To build confidence, self-esteem and resilience – you know all the ‘good’ things we wish for our children and ourselves - for me it doesn’t get better!


People find me personable and compassionate. I truly love my work and think there is nothing more rewarding than working on ourselves, from the inside out! I believe when we take a good look inside and do the inner work, that’s when our outer world changes.

I’m a Teacher, Coach and Mentor all rolled into one!

Supporting children of all ages, stages and walks of life how to empower themselves and feel good in their own skin. Providing tools and strategies to positively move forwards, navigate through everyday life and feeling proud and confident of who we individually are. In essence supporting and strengthening our wellbeing.

I’m a fully qualified teacher and licensed ‘Professional’ level coach certified with the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance. (ANZCAL) Throughout my teaching career I’ve studied and practiced various philosophies whilst experiencing a wide range of cultural diversities. I’ve worked in a variety of teaching roles supporting children, parents and teachers, including our ‘vulnerable’ community working alongside other agencies such as the police and social workers.

Here at Kaleidoscope

We believe all children deserve to be happy and confident - living a stress-free life whilst thriving and reaching their highest potential. Kaleidoscope Solutions’ ultimate priority is focused on supporting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing, developing self-esteem, confidence and resilience whilst being passionate about helping children’s potential to become a reality. In a nutshell - changing lives, creating transformation for our future generation is the absolute heart and purpose of Kaleidoscope Solutions’ philosophy.


We’ve created specific learning programmes and offer a variety of services to support all the above. Take a look inside and check out our testimonials.


We’re also very proud to have our very own educational and mental health App resource called IMAGINE Stories. Children’s audio stories, sleep stories and guided meditations. (Also for parents!) An empowering and fun wellbeing tool to support and strengthen wellbeing, resilience, calm and confidence. Imagine is currently being used in a variety of settings such as primary schools, early childhood settings, Autism New Zealand Community, NZ Chamber of Commerce Community, Ronald McDonald House Charities NZ and of course many children and families at home. 

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