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Coaching for parents

Here at Kaleidoscope Solutions we are committed to supporting families. We are very happy to be offering Coaching for Parents as another Programme option to support our children, after all children do not come in isolation. We are a team and most certainly need each other to function for our optimal state of wellbeing, on both sides.


Our Coaching for Parents Programmes are flexible and bespoke relating to your individual circumstance and situation. The outcomes are transformational for both children and adults within the family unit – it’s a win win!


Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you on your parenting journey.


“Heather was able to untangle the knots and support me to make sense of what was going on and move forwards in a positive way with clarity and understanding. I am truly grateful for the support you're provided. Thank you."

Eve, Mother of 8 and 13yo children.