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Imagine Stories

Magical Audio Stories for Children

Empowering children to feel happy, confident and good in their own skin. It doesn't get better! Children are taken into their imagination whilst experiencing wonder, joy and magic through engaging characters and inspiring story journeys. Imagine stories are tried and tested, created to overcome universal themes and challenges for children.

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Are you ready to feel inspired and go on a journey into your imagination?
To feel super confident, happy and good inside?
Just imagine!

Let's get started on a journey of transformation!

Guided Meditations

Magical Stories for anytime of the day

Sleep Stories to promote a peaceful and deep sleep

Monthly Subscription

Annual subscription

Products Included:

  • Sleep Stories

  • Magical Stories

  • Guided Meditations

$49 Yearly

$4.99 monthly

Products Included:

  • Sleep Stories

  • Magical Stories

  • Guided Meditations

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Did you know Imagine stories are currently being used in many settings and for a variety of purposes?

Autism New Zealand Community

Primary Schools 

Online home-learning teaching resources 

Ronald McDonald House Charities NZ

Early childhood settings

Children at home

The Chamber of Commerce community

Mindfulness for Children group programmes

Adults also enjoy listening to Imagine stories too!


"Bright Star teaches us so much about life. About being kind to others,
dealing with bullies, following our dreams, and believing in ourselves. A
story everyone can relate to in some way. I love her song. It's very
magical and makes me want to sing along every time I hear it!"

Emma 11 yrs

Some of our stories
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