Why choose Kaleidoscope Solutions 1:1 Programmes?


Kaleidoscope Solutions believes that all children deserve to be happy and confident - living a stress-free life whilst thriving and reaching their highest potential. Kaleidoscope Solutions’ ultimate priority is focused on developing children’s self-esteem and happiness whilst being passionate about helping children’s potential to become a reality.


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What are the direct benefits of choosing a Kaleidoscope Solutions Learning and Mentoring Programme?

What happens during your Learning and Mentoring Programme and how exactly does the Programme work?


An initial consultation is conducted with you - the parents/caregivers in order to identify and establish the specific areas to be worked on. It is extremely important to have a holistic overview of the child’s life from every angle to understand the full picture. Building a strong, in-depth view of the child and situation allows the knots to be untangled and issues identified.


The initial consultation is typically carried out in the home environment and takes approximately one hour.


Following on from this a tailored and individualized Learning and Mentoring programme will be created and set up for your child. The Programme can vary in duration depending on the requirements, but is typically carried out over a period of 8 weeks. Meetings will be carried out on a weekly basis and will be pre-booked and scheduled at a convenient time that suits your family needs.


What is unique about the Programme?


Kaleidoscope Solutions provides you the parent/caregiver with a Journey Portfolio. This is totally unique and holds vital information relating to your child’s individual Learning and Mentoring Programme.


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Each session lasts for 1 hour, consisting of 40-45 minutes one on one time working with your child – then a de-briefing with you. We believe in total open communication and honesty – this is the greatest way to help and support your child through their learning journey.


Each week Kaleidoscope Solutions will provide you with an in-depth report documenting each session explaining the areas of focus addressed and an explanation of the specific tools and strategies that have been introduced to your child. Within this report we will provide resource and support ideas for the up-coming week ahead connecting to the key areas of focus for that week.

Furthermore, in addition to this Kaleidoscope Solutions will provide you with a weekly Information and Educational Resource Document. This valuable document will be just for you – and each week this will be filed inside your unique Journey Portfolio along with the weekly report and other resources provided throughout the Programme.


At the end of the Programme, you will have something tangible to keep and refer to – which indeed will always be a precious resource and tool.


(Kaleidoscope Solutions Learning and Mentoring Programmes cater for children from the age of 6 years and upwards).


Fees and payments


After the initial consultation the payment fees and options will be provided based upon the requirements identified and discussed. Then a Programme will be created and set up over an agreed period that suits the needs of your child and their specific areas of focus. Please note the initial consultation is provided with no obligation.




See for yourself what families, teachers and children have to say about Kaleidoscope Solutions’ unique Learning and Mentoring Programmes.


Where to from here?


Just imagine your child feeling happy and confident – enjoying all life has to offer as they now have the necessary skills and strategies to create new and positive ways of dealing with day-to-day situations and any possible challenges. Contact us now to book your initial consultation and let’s work together to get your child started on a journey on self- empowerment and discovery as they move forwards to reach their highest potential.