About Kaleidoscope Solutions


Heather is the founder and Programme Director of Kaleidoscope Solutions. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband Giles and beautiful daughter Georgina after having moved from the UK in 2006.


Heather is an experienced and respected teacher holding a Bachelor of Education from Victoria University, who has helped many children overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve their full potential. She is also a qualified and registered life coach with ANZI - Australia and New Zealand Institute of Coaching.


Throughout her teaching career she has studied and practiced various philosophies whilst experiencing a wide range of cultural diversities.


Heather is passionate and enthusiastic about children’s well-being and sense of belonging and believes in providing each child with the necessary tools and strategies in order to form a solid and secure foundation for future learning and development.


Working alongside children and their families through varying teaching roles has opened her eyes to the unfortunate stresses and challenges our children are facing in this day and age. Common issues are: children feeling unhappy but not wanting to talk, children experiencing a sudden change in behaviour for no apparent reason, anxieties around going to school, family changes, bullying, negative thinking and a feeling of ‘not being good enough’ – just to name a few. In a nutshell all of these issues translate to unnecessary stress and anxiety – a definite need to develop confidence and self-esteem.


As a result from this Heather created Kaleidoscope Solutions – a solution focused programme to empower children alongside their families to reach their full potential and overcome their own specific obstacles and challenges.


Heather has the unique ability to work with each child and untangle the knots whilst identifying the root problem. Together she works with the child – most commonly through a tailored 8 week Programme – where children grow and gain confidence, acquire new tools to change old patterns, become happier and relaxed and learn how to re-frame situations through practical, innovative and creative solutions.




Please take a look at our testimonials page and see for yourself how Kaleidoscope Solutions can help your child.