We are so fortunate and privileged to be able to help children and young adults through our tailored solution programmes and therapeutic stories. Not only is the child’s life and wellbeing improved very significantly but, as you can read below, that of the parent / caregiver also.

From the child .....


“I now feel happier because I am making good choices and think about the good things not bad.  I really love myself now and that’s really good”. (8.5 year old child)


“I now know I am a good person.  I don’t feel sad anymore. I even like looking at myself in the mirror”. Annie - 8 year old (After 8 week programme).


“I am now using my words when I feel myself getting angry – I know I can ask for help”.


"I love to have Heather's story read to me by Mummy or Daddy before bed. Sometimes it helps me fall asleep very quickly as it's very happy. I love the butterfly guards who take care of the flowers."
Saskia, 4.5 years


"I think I'm Lizzie, she has blonde hair and blue eyes like me. I can see things that other people can't and that's why I am good at making people feel happy. I'm special and that's a good thing."
Zoe - 9 year old.


From the parent / caregiver....


“This programme is cutting edge for our times…”


“Following on from the ‘re-framing strategies’ session last week my daughter is definitely making better choices. She finally has a clear understanding about actions and consequences”.


"Heather's beautiful story helped support our daughter transition from our home to her kindergarten.
Heather was able to incorporate animals and a setting that already had meaning to our daughter enabling her to connect with the characters the very first time the story was read to her.
I felt empowered as a parent as Heather created not only an enjoyable story to read but a language I could use to connect with my daughter".


"My almost four year old son loves this story. The characters, and their journey keep him interested the whole way through. He especially enjoys the song in the book, and will sing along with great enthusiasm."


"Thank you so much for your wonderful story, the kids loved it. (Aged 4, 6 and 9.) They understood the special messages about being brave even if you feel scared, and always looking after each other. My kids sang along to the song, they laughed at the ‘snore-y’ bits, and loved “swampylicious”! This was such an empowering gift for my family, Thank you."


"Heather tapped into her amazing intuition to write a story for our 3 year old son Victor on the impending arrival of his new baby sister.  I can't speak highly enough for Heather and the impact the story has had.  The tailor-made story truly helped Victor to understand the new feelings he was going through with this new lifeform entering the home vying for mummy and daddy's attention.  Our son was very engaged listening to the story and he loved the special song included in the story too.  Thank you so much for helping our kid through this difficult stage!"




"When it comes to healing children on an emotional level, I can’t emphasize the importance of Heather's therapeutic stories enough. When my daughter Sienna (6) started to become overwhelmed with a flood of emotions, I was really worried about her.  She is usually a calm, happy go lucky kind of girl, but she became sensitive, and was brought to tears over almost anything.  She would get so upset, and began to say that I didn't love her anymore.  No matter what I said or did, she kept experiencing out of character, emotional outbursts.  Something little would push her over the edge and she couldn't calm down. She was also hard to settle at night, often coming out for more cuddles over the space of 2 hours. 
Heather listened carefully to our situation, and developed a story based on Sienna’s strengths and interests.  The story was designed to help Sienna realise that even when she couldn’t see the love around her, it was always there. 
Right from the first evening I read it to Sienna, she loved her special story.  It was filled with magical characters, wondrous adventures, and was so uniquely special to my daughter.  After reading it to her she was calm, and happy enough to drift off to sleep without getting up once.  I also noticed she was much calmer the next day, and this continued as we read the story each evening. 
Her emotions balanced out, and she soon returned to her usual happy go lucky self.  A few months later she still asks for her special story when she feels like she needs it, which is great that she can do this. 
I am very grateful that we could both experience the delightful healing experience of one of Heather's magical stories."  


My 9 year old daughter has experienced big changes in her life, the break up of my relationship resulting in a move to a new city. She was also struggling at school, telling me she felt like she did not belong and she was different to the other children who could be mean to her. My daughter liked the idea of having a special story for us, and we began to read it each night whilst she was snuggled in bed. The first time I read the story she told me she thought she was like Lizzie – the main character. The next night she asked to read the story, and this continued every night after that. Since reading the story to her I have noticed Zoe has not discussed the feeling of not belonging, or talked about being different in a negative way. She does talk to me about how she is special and I feel her self-esteem has increased through the reading of this story. The other night she realised her father does not love her and treat as he should and was heartbroken. I found her shaking in her bed, telling her self to go into her imagination, she was very distraught. I asked her if she would like to read our special story and she calmed down instantly as she nodded. When we had finished reading she told me she loved me and went to sleep. I was incredibly thankful to have this tool to help my daughter find her inner strength and calm and the knowledge that she is loved.