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It is well known that stories have a quality that can touch our hearts and souls and have the power to move us, reach us and heal us on many levels. Kaleidoscope Stories are no different.

Just like inside a kaleidoscope where time does not exist – each turn of the lens represents wonder and magic!  Inside every kaleidoscope is a story that unfolds moment by moment of the most enchanting and empowering adventures.  Anything is possible!


Kaleidoscope Stories – in both content and structure are often compared to the original fairy tales - we like to view them as ‘Fairy Tales of our times’. 


When children take a journey into a Kaleidoscope Story their encounter can be a profound one.  The child’s imagination is captured sending it in exciting new directions.  The stories introduce children to new characters that take on interesting forms such as talking polar bears, angels, leprechauns, lizards, goblins and giants.  Each story has been created within a specific domain relevant to the message or area to bring into balance.  Each story journey allows children to connect at a deep level and restore equilibrium within. This is one hundred percent story medicine - and it works!


Kaleidoscope Stories address issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and insecurity and instill qualities such as confidence, self-esteem, courage and empathy - whilst encouraging your child to explore and understand specific situations that are showing up in his or her life.  Each story has been written for a specific purpose, although all of Kaleidoscope Stories have empowering messages and can be listened to purely for the enjoyment and fun of going on a story journey! Many adults also enjoy entering into a Kaleidoscope Story!

For example, here is a list of common challenges and topics :



Here are some positive benefits and learning opportunities as children listen to a Kaleidoscope Story.


In some cases, a Kaleidoscope Story can be used as a tool to support your child during an Individual Learning and Mentoring Programme. The benefits have been proven to be life changing - as can be seen below and by clicking on the panel to the right here.


"When it comes to healing children on an emotional level, I can’t emphasize the importance of Heather's therapeutic stories enough”.  Jamie – Mother of 6 year old daughter.
“I can't speak highly enough for Heather and the impact the story has had. The tailor-made story truly helped Victor to understand the new feelings he was going through with this new life-form entering the home vying for mummy and daddy's attention. Our son was very engaged listening to the story and he loved the special song included in the story too. Thank you so much for helping our kid through this difficult stage!" Chris – Father of 3 year old son.

Educational Resources


Kaleidoscope Stories can also be used as an educational tool and resource for primary and pre-school settings. This is a very powerful way to teach our young children collectively - whilst empowering messages and lessons are woven throughout the story journey. This has also been proven to complement and enrich the teaching curriculum and programme planning in a way like never before. There is no doubt that this teaching resource is at the ‘cutting edge’ of our times.


Our Stories


Above all, our stories are magical and fun so that the child is fully engaged with their imagination and receives the maximum benefit and therapy for their needs from the story.


Brave Harrietta the Hedgehog takes care of Grandpa Hodgwyn, who is slowly losing his prickles

Penelope lives in Snowtopia and makes new friends at Polar Bear School.