Kaleidoscope Stories as an Educational Resource for Pre-school

and Primary Schools.


Kaleidoscope Stories can also be used as an educational tool and resource for primary and pre-school settings. This is a very powerful way to teach our young children collectively - whilst empowering messages and lessons are woven throughout the story journey. This has also been proven to complement and enrich the teaching curriculum and programme planning in a way like never before. There is no doubt that this teaching resource is at the ‘cutting edge’ of our times.


What is included in a Kaleidoscope Stories Educational Resource Package?


For a small and nominal amount each month your school can take advantage of expanding and enriching your curriculum and programme planning like never before.


  1. Each month you will receive a Kaleidoscope story linking to a specific area of focus where all of the children in your classroom will benefit and be supported to take on new and powerful learning opportunities.
  2. You will also receive a document that links the learning aspects of the story to your curriculum, and makes connections to the learning outcomes that take place. We know that this is one of the most important areas of evidential documentation that is required as a teacher – all taken care for you within your monthly programme planning!
  3. Each month you will be provided with a document for the teachers – ‘Teachers notes’ providing useful tips and suggestions relating to how to deliver your Kaleidoscope Story with the optimal impact! Within this there will be a full explanation of the purpose and rationale relating to the story journey and learning outcomes.
  4. We will also send you a monthly document for you to insert into each individual child’s learning portfolio. This will be addressed and focused directly to your parents explaining what their child is learning and how they can support and extend upon this from their home environment. We know as teachers that children do not come in isolation and to bridge the gap between the school and home is so very important.
  5. Furthermore, each month we will send you a complementary guided visualization. In addition to this you will receive a supporting document for your teachers providing more tips and suggestions to optimize the learning outcomes from carrying out this powerful learning exercise and activity.

There are 12 units within this package – one every month – where at the end of the programme you will have a completed folder filled with your very own library of Kaleidoscope Stories and powerful teaching resources – all at your fingertips to keep and use at your leisure.


It is a well-known fact that our world is changing. Let us honour our future generation and move forwards together - supporting and preparing them to be part of that change.


Do not hesitate, go straight to the contact page and let's start the ball rolling.


We look forward to getting you started on your very own Kaleidoscope Story learning journey right now!